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Dr. Sulfi

The European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) would like to address its special thanks to Dr Sreekumar Sulfi, UK,  creator of the WikiEcho website for his unvaluable contribution to the community.

The site was then further developed by the EACVI Education Committee, under the Lead of Prof. Jens-Uwe Voigt, BE.

The EACVI warmly thanks all the contributors and authors who have worked hard to create the initial content of the site in order to offer the Cardiovascular Imaging Community from the start a high quality online encyclopedia with valuable articles covering the EACVI Core Syllabus and more:

Dr Evgeny Shkolnik

Dr Alexandros Stefanidis
Dr Luna Gargani
Dr Gonenc Kocabay
Dr Beatrice Segafredo
Prof Erwan Donal
Dr Laura Ernande
Dr Philippe Debonnaire
Dr Ivan Stankovic
Dr Denisa Muraru
Prof Luigi Badano
Dr Umberto Cucchini
Prof Frank Flachskampf

Dr Dimitris Elaiopoulos

Dr Giacomo Zoppellaro
Dr Ruxandra Jurcut
Dr Elisabetta Bianchini
Prof Pepe Zamorano
Dr Raj Khattar
Dr Oana Savu
Prof Gilbert Habib
Dr Roman Lehmann
Dr Lothar Faber
Dr Christian Prinz
Dr Antonella Moreo
Dr Zvi Vered

Dr Anne Marie O'Flynn

Dr Elizabeta Srbinovska Kostovska
Dr Roxana Enache
Dr Charles Graham
Dr Sorin Giusca
Dr Benedetta de Chiara
Dr Madalina Iancu
Dr Christos Christopoulos
Dr Necla Özer
Dr Anca Florian
Dr Mark Belham
Dr Rafael Vidal Perez

Prof Roxy Senior

Prof Edyta Plonska-Gosciniak
Prof Bernard Cosyns
Dr Pio Caso
Dr Marina Leitman
Prof Thor Edvardsen
Dr Sanjeev Bhattacharya
Dr Emer Joyce
Dr Fady Magdy
Dr Aurora Vladaia
Dr Helene Thibault

The following reviewers have taken care of the quality of the initial content:

  • Prof. L. Badano, Italy
  • Prof. B. Cosyns, Belgium
  • Prof. T. Edvardsen, Norway
  • Dr L. Ernande, France
  • Prof. F. Flachskampf, Sweden
  • Dr M. Galderisi, Italy
  • Prof. J.J. Gomez de Diego, Spain
  • Prof. G. Habib, France
  • Prof. A. Hagendorff, Germany
  • Prof. P. Lancellotti, Belgium
  • Dr O. Miller, UK
  • Prof. E. Plonska-Gosciniak, Poland
  • Dr B.A Popescu, Romania
  • Dr F. Rigo, Italy
  • Prof. R. Senior, UK
  • Dr R. Sicari, Italy
  • Prof. J.U. Voigt, Belgium
  • Prof. J.L. Zamorano, Spain
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